Day Visit to Central Laos

March 2012

Crossing The Third Thai Laos Friendship Bridge, March 2012.

We travelled into Central Laos via the  
The Third Thai Laos Friendship Bridge
This bridge was opened on November 
11th 2011. It links Nakhon Phanom in 
Thailand to the large Mekong river town 
of Thakhek, in Laos.

We were heading for Laos and had no real 
idea what we would find on the other side, 
we just wanted to see what it was like 
and maybe video anything interesting along the way. 

Somewhere Between Thakhek and Savannakhet.

This really was an adventure into the relative unknown. So I made a few videos at a road side cafe, where we stopped off for some food and Laos beer. The cafe was somewhere between Thakhek and  Savannakhet.

We had been driving for about two miles without seeing a house, shop or hotel dwelling. It felt like we were on a road to nowhere.

Through translation I heard that my brother 
in law could not believe how unlike Thailand it was, which is only a stones throw away across the Mekong River. After driving south for a couple of miles we stopped off at a small row of cafes which lined this section of the main A13 road to Savannakhet.

Halfway to Savannakhet

We parked the car and settled down at a 
small road side cafe as you can see in the 
video some goats passed by. This place had 
a real surreal feel to it, especially after 
downing a few Beerlao,.

By the time the goats arrived I was on my third bottle of  Beerlao, and the sun was beating down onto our foreheads.

 As we were drinking a local villager began to talk to us in English, he confirmed to us 
that we were halfway to Savannakhet. 

He suggested that we visit the local caves or travel onto Savannakhet, Thahek by the river was also mentioned as a good place to visit.

The man from the village went on to tell us about the karaoke bars in Thakhek and the boat trips the town organize along the river. It was unfortunate that we only had two hours left of our day trip as the bridge closes at 6pm every afternoon. I was now on my forth Beerlao, after eating just a small amount of noodles. In the blazing sun, all that my body required was cold, cool liquid.

Halfway Through Beerlao

More animals passed us by, this time it 
was a herd of Laos cattle.

I really love animals so it was fun to see 
them while drinking Beerlao, the beer 
in Laos is the best I've tasted in Asia, 
sorry Leo, Chang and Singha beers. 
It tastes a bit like Heineken and was 
just the thing, it is very hot in Laos 
during the daytime and the beer was 
a little taste of home.

I will hopefully travel to Laos again, we 
only had a day visit so not enough time 
really to drink Beerlao, and shoot videos.

On My Next Visit

Hopefully we can visit the caves in Lao 
and then move onto see Thakek. It has 
always been a dream of mine to see 
Vietnam and there is a possibility to 
drive accross the border.

I would really like to see the Gulf of Tonkin.

Beerlao my fave beer.


Anonymous said...

I went to Laos back in 2009, and as you say in this blog the beer is fabtastic in Laos.

I can't help but remember the wonderful food and people we met along the way.

We went to the caves, it is amazing.

Hopefully like you I will return !

CMob09 said...

Hopefully you will return, I yet have to return hopefully next year.