Airlines To Thailand From UK

If you are flying to Thailand which Airline should you use ?

Here are a list of Airlines that I have travelled on and recommend for the journey from the UK.

1st. Thai Airways

The first time I ever travelled to Thailand I used this airline, back in 2003 this airline was the cheapest and most basic in facilities. Today it is probably the best airline to fly to Thailand on, the comfort of all classes is amazing. The entertainment has also been improved they now have video games as well as movies, I really enjoyed the golf game they have it made the journey seem like 4 hours instead of 11.

2nd. Eva Air

This Taiwanese Airline used to be the best to fly to Thailand on, Today it is probably still one of the best but for Thai Airways much improved service this airline is close behind Thai Airways. The comfort of all classes just as amazing as Thai Airways. The entertainment is much the same as it was, everyone has they're own movie computer set. The only drawback is that not much alcohol is served on this airline, you really have to put your hand up to get any.

3rd. Virgin Thailand

This is one airline I would like to try, they are new on this route and hopefully when I go again I can tell you all about Virgin Thailand.

4th. British Airways

This is one I have avoided because of the price, the price is just not worth it when cheaper and maybe better airlines exist for this route. British is not always best, and in this case I would choose any other over British airways.

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