Thai & Laos Langauge 2004

I'm still learning parts of Thai and Laos langauge from my wife and the many people I meet in the Isan region and throughout the rest of Thailand. This is probably the only real way of learning the langauge or at least the basic phrases for day to day shopping and getting around.

I usually note the sound of a word and enter it into my smartphone and later on practice the sound and leve a note beside it for it's meaning, here is a list of the Thai and Laos words I have gathered on my travels so far.

Heres a useful website with a large dictionery of words you can tranlate from English to Thai :

(Ka) is a polite word when talking to a female for a man it's (Cup)

Hello or Goodbye Sa Watdee Ka or Cup

Good Morning Sa Watdee Don Chow

Yes Khrap

See You Later Laaeo Juuhr Gan

See You Later (Laos) Jen Nah Nu

Can I Have Al Dai Mai

Thankyou Korpon Ka/Cup

Your Welcome Mai Bpen Rai

I'm Thirsty Khaaw Haaeng

I'm Hungry Thaawngh Raawng

Cheers Chumm Cow

How Much ? Gee Baht ?

That's Enough Por

Tasty Food Ah Roy in Thai & Laos is Saepp

Beautiful Suaye

Never Mind Mai Ben Rai

Go To Sleep Kao Naaawn

I Love You Pom Ruk Koon